Leah Omilion

"Leah Omillion was extremely helpful. She is detail oriented and extremely organized. She was on top of things from beginning to end. It was a pleasure to work with Leah." - Anne L.

With over a decade of experience as a Colorado Real Estate Executive, I have helped manage and grow almost 100 local Green Residential Real Estate, Investment, Acquisition, Construction, Development, Sales, Marketing and Property Management companies.
My career shift into residential home sales with 8z has created a fresh avenue for me to leverage my expertise and professional relationships to help support my clients with comprehensive, transparent and seamless home buying and selling services.

Your home is truly the greatest investment of your life, don't compromise! Make sure have a true Real Estate expert your side.

When I am not helping others find their dream homes or sharing the wisdom of  personal wealth generation, I am a  regular Colorado Cow Girl with 4 dogs and too many horses to count.  More often then not, I can be found with mud on my boots, and dust in my hair. I enjoy competitive riding and hold a National Championship Title for Doma Vaquera.  I especially love exploring the back country trails on group rides or running cross country courses and working cattle with our beautiful Spanish Andalusians.

Si, se habla Espanol.

Bryan W.

As a professional confidant, she's a true friend with a heart of gold for your family's best interests. Candid, absolutely straightforward when you need her to be, and funny and personal to ease the stress of selling and buying when that is needed, which is often.

Mike T.

There are three main reasons why my 8z Realtors are such effective agents. They are careful listeners, know people who can get things done, and are on the cutting edge of real estate technology.

Penny T.

My 8z Realtor did everything they said they would and more - a person of the highest integrity. More than qualified, they were delightful to work with and always had a shining smile and attitude.

5 stars - Highly likely to recommend

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $375K in Firestone, CO.

Leah helped my husband purchase his first home, and then later helped my parents fulfill their dream of owning mountain property. When it came time for us to move into a home together, Leah was there with us through every step. It became more than a professional relationship because the emotional turmoil and stress we endured while trying to sell the current home was unreal. In selling our recent home, we faced literally every obstacle possible. Never once did Leah suggest we move on or cut the process short. She was persistent, diligent, and professional in every aspect. While she is worth way more than assessed, she has the most giving heart and will forfeit her time and resources to make sure her clients are happy. Buying and selling a home is a difficult process and if you don't have a realtor that has a firm backbone, you will get run over and outbid in this market. Leah doesn't just look at what is going to generate the highest commission for her own interests. She genuinely wants to put you in a house that will feel like a home, and be a valuable asset for your future. She doesn't sugar coat anything and is able to identify problems that could cost you thousands over the duration of your home ownership. Numerous times we would go look at a house that was a great price and seemed to be in perfect condition, but after reviewing the MLS in further detail and cross referencing the time it was built, she would notice severe flaws in the foundation or the sewer. Just things that you wouldn't think to look at unless you knew what you were looking for. I will always recommend Leah to all my family and friends when they are looking to buy or sell a house. Not only has she become our "go-to" person when facing real estate questions, but I am honored to say she has become a close friend as well.

Review by: mackrulez

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